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Buckle up for a wild ride! Shiver’s Sci Fi thriller drops the reader into a battle for the fate of humanity itself. The opposition is formidable, but the Warriors are gathering…

Vicki Lane

Author of the Elizabeth Goodweather Appalachian Mysteries

The District of Columbia has never seen such a titanic conflict as the one here between aliens and genetically enhanced humans. The Warriors sweep through time and space in thrilling fashion.

David Molke-Hansen

Historian and Editor

As someone whose job it is to read, I’m always looking for any excuse to go fix a cup of tea ore to get up and look out the window. But as I read Oberlin’s Anomaly, Chance Shiver’s riveting, eloquent embodiment of an alien world within our own, my tea grew cold and whatever the neighbors were up to had to wait. Taken might be another title for Shiver’s thoughtful page-turner, because that’s what the readers will be from page one.

Tommy Hays

Author of the Pleasure Was Mine