Master Yamashima Speaks

Master Yamashima, Zen and Martial Arts master, is a central character in Oberlin’s Anomaly.
Here he shares his thoughts.

Waking, seeing, walking, these are your daily miracles. ‬

“Master, I often hear of the ‘sound of one hand clapping’, what can this be?” “It is the soundless sound, Jack,” Master Yamashima said. “When you can hear it, you will be listening well.”

When the leader passes counterfeit coin, the people must trade amongst themselves.

We are warriors of humanity, aiming to save all sentient beings.

The Cup Overflowing. If the student is so full of his own opinions and knowledge that he cannot listen, no more will fit in. “Come back when your cup is empty”, the Master said.

Like the chain of Marley’s Ghost, the woman built an idol of her guilt and sorrow, carrying it with her wherever she went. “Set it down, its journey is ended,” the Master said.

Live with cause and leave results to the great law of the universe.

When leaders throw trash in the street, walk around. But be watchful.

Out of nowhere the mind comes forth.

When there is work, work. When tired, rest. When hungry eat. After eating, wash your bowl.

When you meet a Zen master on the road, greet him with neither words nor silence.


Today my practice is seeing without evaluating. (But the stone gods smile and then they laugh)